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All our aggregates are delivered on eight wheel tippers that can carry up to twenty tonnes per load, even if you order a smaller load it will still be delivered on an eight wheeler. The vehicles dimensions are approx 29 feet long by 9 feet wide and 10/11 feet high. These tippers are usually 2 double axles at the rear and two single wheels at the steer. Most drivers if asked will spread the load out along the driveway or tip in small piles to accomondate the customer. Please advise the drivers if they have to tip on uneven ground. 
Once you have ordered on the checkout page you will a box for any instructions, this where you can put the date of delivery and any information that would help our transport. 
Our payment page at the moment only takes Paypal and here you can use your cards exactly in the same way as you would normally do when ordering online, you do not have to have a Paypal account. The site also has a manual payment this is not automatic, you will have to write down our sortcode and account number and then use to transfer your payment through your bank