About Cheshire Aggregates

Cheshire Aggregates has been established since 2007, we are based just outside of Chester, and supply building aggregates to construction sites, ground workers, landscapers, house builders and domestic customers. From the time we first started we have built up our reputation as a first class supply and delivery business. Our aggregates consist of limestone sub base, graded stone, and stone dust. We supply general purpose gravel as we find that expensive decorative gravels are not called for in our region, the gravels sizes from 10mm, 20mm and 40mm, we also do a pipe bedding 20-4mm gravel as alrounder

Grosvenor bridge over the river Dee in Chester

We supply building and concreting sands, filling sand, and silica sand for the riding arenas and horse menages. We also supply a reclaimed silica sand for use as stable or horse walkway sand, ( This not to be used as arena sand because of the fines
We try to keep prices as low as possible specially when we have other aggregate suppliers on our own doorstep in the Chester area, We use subcontractors for our delivery service, this allows us to use the best drivers we can find who we have trusted over many years to do our deliveries. Our drivers who use mainly eight wheel tippers at approx twenty nne feet long about one and half the size of your household bin wagon and can get in to most driveways and tip without too much trouble, all they ask is that the opening to reverse through is over nine feet wide and mainly flat ground. The customer sometimes ask if the driver would spread the load, this can be done by opening the tailgate and slowly moving forward, or the material can be tipped in smaller piles so that the customer has minimum work to do only raking the stone about before compacting. ( Picture shows Grosvenor Bridge Over The River Dee in Chester )

Limestone Plies

We have found over the years that when a customer orders any of our products through our site and uses their credit card to pay for purchases, they always want the total price, so we now include the delivery and vat price within the total and this enables us to keep everything on an even keel. Our payment system is Paypal and will take all major credit and debit cards, there is alo a manual payment which enables the customer to pay by bank transfer by taking our bank detail and using them to transfer payment via their bank to ours.
Once the orders have been delivered, our quarry systems send us the weight tickets, if there is any light loads we calculate the difference between the weight ordered and the weight delivered, we will refund where applicable usually back through the same payment system as the customer used when first ordering, some times this is not possible and we ask the customer if we can use their own bank transfer to make payment. Our website is one hundred percent compliant with safer payments through Worldpay so that we can handle customers data, this gives the customer security when purchasing materials. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our site. We collect information about you in order to process your order and to tailor your visit to our website to be as relevant to you as possible. Please read our Privacy Policy. Overall we have found our customers are happy with our supply and delivery service and many customers keep coming back, if you would like more information about our building aggregates and prices or just need a chat you can contact us on 01244301520 or 07976784998 [email protected] we will be more than happy to speak to you. ( Right Picture Limestone Quarry Piles )